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The Breuer chair

Life drawing model with breuer chair is drawn by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Margreth and the breuer chair

The breuer chair:
Marcel Breuer was a Hungerian arcitecht and designer who in 1928 designed the Cesca chair. It is maybe  the world's most popular chair and is also known as the breuer chair.

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Nude in armchair 406

Nude model in armchair 406 is a life drawing by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Nelly tries armchair 406
Armchair 406Alvar Aalto is a Finnish architect and designer that 1939 designed Armchair 406

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This is the chair of chairs

Chair no. 14 is a life drawing sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Croquis model Laura with Chair no. 14.

Coffee Shop Chair no. 14 Michael Thonet, a German-Austrian cabinet maker,  designed this chair in 1859. Chair no. 14 is still called the "chair of chairs".

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The Tulip Chair

The tulip chair and a life drawing model by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
The Tulip Chair and
life drawing model Greta

The Tulip ChairEero Saarinen, a Finnish American designer and architect, designed the Tulip chair in 1956.

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Three-legged chairs can be somewhat unstable.

Ant chair is a life drawing by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Life drawing model Amanda and the Ant Chair

Ant ChairArne Jacobsen designed the Ant chair in 1952. The original was designed with three legs instead of four, but in the 1980s ​​it was converted to a four-legged version.

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Ovalia Egg Chair

Ovalia Egg chair is a croquis by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Ovalia Egg Chair and croquis model Lena
Ovalia Egg ChairRecognized everywhere is Henrik Thor-Larsen's armchair Ovalia, which many called the Egg, designed in the 1968th.

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Chair Seven

Chair Seven is a life drawing painted by Artmagenta
Chair Seven and life drawing model Eva
Chair SevenSeven is a chair designed by Danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen 1955.
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Rocking chair

Rocking chair is a life drawing by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Amanda in her rocking chair
Rocking Chair Historians can only trace the rocking chair's origins to North America during the early 18th century. They were originally used in gardens and were just ordinary chairs with two rockers at their bottoms. It was in 1725 that early rocking chairs first appeared in England. The production of wicker rocking chairs reached its peak in America during the middle of the 18th century. These wicker rockers, as they were popularly known, were famous for their craftsmanship and creative designs.

The Swivel Chair

The swivel hair is a life drawing by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Ritva in her office chair
The Swivel Chair Using an English-style Windsor chair president Thomas Jefferson invented the first swivel chair. Jefferson heavily modified the Windsor chair and incorporated top and bottom parts connected by a central iron spindle, enabling the top half known as the seat, to swivel on casters of the type used in rope-hung windows. When the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, Jefferson's swivel chair is purported to be where he drafted the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Windsor Chair

The Windsor Chair is a life drawing sketch by artist and illustrator Artmagenta
Carin sitting in the Winsor chair

Windsor ChairThe Windsor chair originated in England, where at the beginning of the 1700s it was found in peasant homes and in village pubs. According to tradition the name origin from George III, who during a walk in Windsor's surrounding areas saw the chair in a cabin and become so fond of it that he ordered a set for the Windsor Castle.

The chair was well liked both by kings and presidents. George Washington had at Mount Vernon a large number of Windsor chairs and Thomas Jefferson sat in a Windsor chair in 1776 when he signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

It was above all in the U.S. that the Windsor chair made a break through. It was so widespread in USA that it is often regarded as an American type of chair.