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She looked so angry

Life Drawing, Croquis from ArtMagenta
Today's angry model is Marylin and she is a shop keeper from Malmö

A dreaming model

Life Drawing, Croquis from
Today's model is Siw. She is a bookkeeper from Vetlanda

She did not have a waist

Figure drawing, Croquis from
Today's model is Monica
and she is an artist from Helsingborg

A simple but difficult pose for the model

Difficult pose. Figure Drawing from
You cannot ask a croquis model to take a posture standing on her toes for more than about 2 minutes. More than 2 minutes must be considered as torture for the croquis model. This sketch is a 2 minutes croquis with some after adjustments.

Mostly you let the croquis model decide which postures she will have but you give a time duration. If that time is more than 2 minutes, the croquis model will take a relaxed posture and if you say 6 minutes or more, then the croquis model takes a lying posture. That's OK. You need to have those croquis exercises, but you also must have postures with "action". 

Tell the croquis model to have one minute (or 2 minutes) postures and imaging being an athlet and you will get a series of  some good balance exercises for your croquis session.

Sketches on rough paper

Astrid is the model and she is a horse trainer from Linköping

Lazy postures

Her name is Anita and she is a biscuit maker from Örebro
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